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About EmpireOfSith

Welcome to official website of the US PC villain league EmpireOfSith.


We started from a few real life friends with an idea. We decided to invade the DC Univrse with Star Wars characters. As the Force swayed in our favor many joined the cause and a new world has begun to emerge. Old and new friends come together to make stronger villainy.  

EmpireOfSith is dedicated to learning and growing, teaching and helping each other, and most importantly having fun. We are always recruiting for the Dark Side. Communication is key to us, so speak and you should be heard. Stay silent and you'll remain a follower and we will never notice your efforts. The Lords and Masters are here to grow the league and make sure you are indeed Sith.


We are looking forward to getting to know you, beating up some heroes, and enjoying DCUO with you.

- SithLordMalak

NOTE: Despite our league name and several Star Wars characters involved we are not exclusive to Star Wars themed toons. All characters are welcome.

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